10 May 2013

Future Digital Lifestyles - looking at the past / Keynote at CeBIT / Hannover / Germany / March 2013

Satyendra Pakhalé was invited to give a keynote speech at the annual CeBIT Global Conferences 2013 at the Center Stage on ‘Design for Digital Lifestyles’ – ‘The Next Big Thing – The Death of Complexity’.

Pakhalé’s keynote on ‘Future Digital Lifestyles - looking at the past’ took a diverse cultural perspective on digital products and technologies designed for 21st century from his personal experience working on visionary products over the last two decades. 

CeBIT is the number one event for the Digital World. The CeBIT Global Conferences with high-caliber speakers from across the globe provide an overview and discuss interesting innovations of the key markets in the digital world and the resulting impact on business and society from a cross-industry perspective.

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