New B.M. 3rd Generation

Lost wax Bell Metal casting process

After the designer's first exploration of the bell metal lost wax casting process in 1998 and the succeeding series of big sculptural pieces like B.M. Horse and B.M. Horse Tables, the new collection consisting of first four vases, such as B.M. Kanheri, B.M. Kondane, B.M. Karad and B.M. Kuda, debuts as a result of Satyendra Pakhalé’s ongoing experimentation in creating objects of sensorial quality. The new B.M. Vases collection reflects the ongoing journey of creating poetic analogies that suggest something rather than representing anything.

B.M. Kanheri

B.M. Karad

B.M. Kondane

B.M. Kuda

 New B.M. 3rd Generation