Wood CNC machined and hand sculpted surface finish chaise lounge

Kubu is a lounge chair for open space. It is made of wood combining high technological process with artisanal handmade finish creating this unique sensorial piece. Its special form makes it appear to be just floating on the surface. It is achieved by creating a fine balance between ergonomics, mass equilibrium and the overall form of the chair.

It took a tremendous amount of prototyping to arrive at the result with help of handmade study models that were then digitally scanned and digitally built into a refined 3D CAD model. 

This mathematical model was then taken to make a precise piece machined by a 5-axis milling machine in Veneto region.

Having done the highly technical machining of the wood, the next step was to find a skilled wood craftsman who could create the tactile texture on the outer surface of the piece.

“Combination of highly industrial technological setting and highly skilled artisanal wood work resulted into a unique piece of object. I never used wood so far. I wanted to use wood in a special manner creating a chaise lounge with correct ergonomics and a perfect equilibrium without compromising the overall aesthetics of the piece.” Satyendra Pakhalé