Square Meal

Ceramic steam-cooking utensil, good food project

Square Meal - Good Food project is an innovation of an age old typology of cooking utensil. 

Satyendra Pakhalé says: “Having glance at the panorama of cooking utensils from India, there is lot to choose. I selected a beautiful traditional way of cooking from Kerala, the most southern state of India. They call it “Puttu”; it has vertical proportion and is traditionally made of bamboo. Keeping my objective I have taken this original principal of steam cooking that keeps the flavors and vitamins in it, and developed it into a contemporary dish to cook a ‘Good food’ representing also the food pyramid. Creating a shape and volume that is good for one, serving for a dinner with few friends or a family.” 

Ceramics somehow seems to be appropriate material for steam cooking. Food intelligence = open mouths + open minds