Architecture Infographics

Infographics / Architecture Signage System for Virchow 16

Virchow 16 has an unique architecture layout due to the architecture programme. It has six floors on river side and five floor on the road side. That creates a fascinating challenge to design a signage system solution which is easy to understand for all types of users of the building.

The design solution solves the communication problem in this graphical solution to the signage system as shown below. The office levels are numbered as floors from ground floor to top sixth floor. Which is easy and logical for the users to understand it. However on the lab side there are five floors and they are named as A, B, C, D, and E or with the name of scientist etc. Creating a distinct nomenclature to avoid any confusion.

The users is encouraged to take stairs by showing how many calories they will burn by taking stair case instead of lift.

Circulation of people such as main users of the building along with collaborators from outside is studied carefully to design a graphically sound design solution for signage system.

Elevator - lift shaft is a strong visual reference in the architecture, it can act as a main visual reference for users to orient themselves in the building. Therefore a strong visual identity to be created using material and texture on the elevator shaft.