Architectural User Experience

System thinking / architectural user experience

Keeping in view the nature of pharmaceutical research work that will be done at Virchow 16, great design consideration is given to inspire collaborative encounters among the users. The open free space on level five gives opportunity to try free layout of objects and furniture and design ambience to encourage creative behaviors among users.

Taking architectural characteristics / usability / activities / other needs into account  and taking a 'system thinking' approach we addressed needs and implemented hardware / technology / accessible systems from primary / secondary users perspective.

The interior architectural design of pharmaceutical research centre reflects the contemporary and future interpretation of the lab, ways of working. By creating in-between spaces to facilitate and encourage collaborations; ideas to collide and spark new directions; that created healthy atmosphere.

The interior architectural design reflects the contemporary and future interpretation of a lab and ways of working and collaboration between teams / people / various disciplines. All these ideas create an identity of the space that is human, warm, healthy, accessible interior environment for the primary users of the building and accessible, friendly environment for visitors and collaborators of Virchow 16.

Site specific spaces are designed by appropriately addressing the current needs and near future development of the for the lab and its utility for various purposes.