Kayo Extensible Table

Bent glass extensible table with compact mechanism

Over 40 years FIAM has pioneered the making of artefacts in industrial glass using techniques which did not exist earlier. Taking up the challenge to design FIAM’s flagship product, their extensible table, Satyendra Pakhalé created an elegant table without any structural element in its entire span. After several prototypes, working out ease of use and an elegant innovative extensible mechanism, the ‘Kayo Extensible Table’ now makes its debut.

The table’s main surface with bent glass legs and extensible parts are connected by a compact mechanism that operates simply by use of one knob which allows the table to be extended from two to an impressive three-meter span. 

The ‘Kayo Extensible Table’ creates a sense of place to get together - to dine, work and converse, accommodating companions with its elegant structure fulfilling not only utility – but above all creating a poetic inspiring presence.