Acquagrande Pani

Communication project / 60th anniversary of Flaminia / Milan Design Week 2015

Imagine for a while that the weather is hot, the temperature is soaring high above 40 degrees Celsius. There is one good water source in the town, sufficient for all the people. The water is fresh, clean and tasty, but you have been denied access to it. You are not allowed to go and fetch water yourself; you have to beg water to even drink. Due to orthodox socio-religious practices and beliefs across the Indian subcontinent - for thousands of people - this is the reality even today.

Acquagrande Pani by Satyendra Pakhalé is a symbolic manifestation, an architectural intervention in the classic Acquagrande washbasin space expressed through an amorphous form sculpted in the washbasin without compromising its utility.

Water is a source of life on Earth. Thus having access to water is not a matter of choice. Everybody needs it. As we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Flaminia with the timeless Acquagrande, it is imperative to recall how precious and often what a misappropriated social asset water is, and act for change.