Alaya Ceramic Baskets - Large - Colored Glaze

A set of Ceramic baskets with innovative glazing on all the sides

Since the dawn of the millennium, Satyendra Pakhalé has collaborated with Venetian family-run ceramics workshop producing the Alaya Ceramic Baskets – set of large centre pieces made in slip casted ceramics. The sleek, essential, and vividly glazed Alaya Ceramic Baskets – with their distinctive circular handles – are inspired by the vernacular bamboo baskets woven in various Asian cultures.

The collection is offered in three sizes – large (60 x 13 cm), medium (52 x 17 cm), and small (45 x 21 cm) – and an array of delightful colors. Each basket is glazed from all sides thanks to an innovative way of glazing and firing. 

Ceramic  |  colored glaze  |  60 x h13 I Made in Italy